We (BES/Bearman Educational Services) partner with individual teachers in schools, whole school faculties, clusters of schools and entire districts to make learning more relevant and engaging for students by teaching teachers how to integrate who students are (their histories, passions and interests), the real world, and the community into their curriculum. In doing so, we focus on classroom and school-wide shifts in pedagogy and assessment to project-based, thematic, cross-curricular, and community partnered teaching and learning.

Over the past decade, along with redesigning the pedagogical practices and core curricular content in schools, we have also created some very unique project-based learning programs in Los Angeles, Ventura and San Diego Counties. This work involves training, mentoring, and empowering both teachers and community partners for collaborative classroom-based projects resulting in powerful (and lasting!) learning experiences for both students and teachers. Such classroom-based projects have ranged from student-driven journalism projects completed alongside local reporters, to Solar Powered Mars Rover projects co-taught by Caltech-based NASA Scientists.



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