What we do:

We partner with individual teachers in schools, whole school faculties, clusters of schools and districts to make learning more relevant and engaging for students by teaching teachers how to integrate students (their histories, passions and interests), the real world, and the community into their curriculum. In doing so, we focus on classroom and school-wide shifts in pedagogy and assessment to project-based, thematic, cross-curricular, and community partnered teaching and learning.


What our work looks like:

We practice teacher mentoring and training, leadership coaching, on and off-site field experiences with students and teachers, creation of original school materials, community partner training and development, and overall program design and assessment for capacity building and long-term sustainability. This comes in the form of: 

  • Teacher training

  • Teacher coaching

  • Teacher mentoring

  • Leadership training

  • Leadership coaching

  • Leadership mentoring

  • Project-based learning curriculum design

  • Social emotional learning curriculum design

  • Assessment systems design

  • On and Off-site field experience design

  • Community partner training and development


Who we work with:

We work with individual teachers, teams of teachers, clusters of schools, entire districts, community partners, and OF COURSE, STUDENTS.


Why we do what we do:

We hope to help transform public education by co-creating learning environments that address the unique lives and needs of students through real-world and project-based teaching and learning to increase both student engagement and success.


Current and Recent Schools

  • New Village Girls Academy (California's first single sex charter school, serving pregnant and parenting teenage foster girls):

  • Los Angeles County Office of Education’s Juvenile Court Schools:

    • LACOE (County Community Schools) 

    • Camp Scott (Juvenile Detention Camp)

    • Camp Scudder (Juvenile Detention Camp)

    • Camp Kirby (Juvenile Detention Camp for children with psychiatric diagnoses)

    • Central Juvenile Hall (Juvenile Detention Facility)

  • Maryvale group home in Rosemead for foster girls and emergency shelter children ages 6-12:

Past schools we've worked with: 

Independent School experience:

NPS (* Non-Public School):

  • Aviva:

  • New Haven Youth and Family Services:

    * Nonpublic Schools are private, nonsectarian and certified by the state of California to provide special education services to students based on their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). These schools provide an environment to help youth that are struggling academically, behaviorally and socially. Many of these schools are affiliated with group homes housing foster youth.  A Non-Public School can be located on the site of a group home, or made available to youth through an agreement with the group home.