"Working with Dr. Bearman changed my life. Her comprehensive vision combined with her quick witted intelligence, breadth of experience and amazing rapport with the kids makes every project she is involved in thrive. I am honored to have partnered with Dr. Bearman and to have witnessed the poignant moments of transformation in the lives of our community's underserved children."

~Summer Lall | MT-BC (Music Therapist Board Certified) | Optimist Youth Homes and Family Services

Worked together at Gompers Middle School, Markham Middle School, Camp Scott, Central High School, Synergy, Aviva, John Adams Middle School, Tiny Tots Summer Camp, Academy for Success, and Center for Independent Study and La Ballona



"Thank you for all that you've done to help me advance my career by showing me a better way to work with my students through EMPATHIC listening.  I appreciate you and hope to work with you in the future. You are a blessing to urban education."

~ Patrick Davis | Teacher | Gompers Middle School (LAUSD) | Watts, CA



"I strongly recommend Dr. Bearman for her hard work and innovative programs. I have been fortunate to collaborate with her for years.  I find her energy, passion, and creativity visionary as she engages her students through experiential learning. My law students have been fortunate to work with Dr. Bearman in her classrooms teaching law related curriculum. During the lessons the youth have developed critical thinking skills regarding their rights, and I appreciate how the schools have been supportive of our partnerships. Thank you for these opportunities -- I am hopeful they will continue."

~ Professor Laura Dym Cohen | Southwestern Law School | Clinical Professor of Law | Director, Street Law Clinic & Public Service Programs

Worked together at Camps Scott and Scudder, Soledad Enrichment Action/Crenshaw, and other sites



“Liza has served as the most powerful engine of change my school has ever had. Her expertise and support has uplifted teachers to new levels which have consequently translated into higher levels of student achievement. The amount of resources and pedagogical knowledge she possesses has the power to mold any school into a high-quality 21st-century educational institution. I am honored to have learned and worked with Liza for over 2 years and look forward to continuing my growth as an educator under her guidance.”

~ Jennifer Quinones | Assistant Principal | Los Angeles County Community High Schools



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By Bob Pearlman: www.bobpearlman.org